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Products Production Range Capacity(unit/year) Lead Time ARO (per unit)
Power & Distribution Transformer 1PH , 3PH Up to 69kV 60MVA 200 5 months (150days)
Pad Mounted Transformer 1PH Up to 34.5kV 500kVA 15,000 2.5 months (75 days)
3PH Up to 34.5kV 5MVA 1,000 2.5 months (75days)
Pole Transformer 1PH , 3PH Up to 34.5kV 10~167kVA 20,000 2 months (60days)
Multi Level Phase Shift
Dry Type Transformer
3PH Up to 11kV 12.5MVA 300 3 months (90days)
VPI Dry Type Transformer 3PH Up to 25.8kV 10MVA 300 3months (90days)

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